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General revision

www_page David Crystal's blog The good Word from the God of Language himself. All language related issues cover. Get browsing but be careful that you don't get sucked in!

www_page English Language @ SFX Anothervery good blog written by an A Level teacher aimed squarely at students. It covers all the relevant topics for AS and A2. Well worth dipping into on a regular basis.

www_page English Biz Quite a large site. Very helpful glossary and some good guidance on how to analyse texts generally.

www_pageLanguage in Use This site is written by an education consultant. Support and guidance for students to help students develop their understanding of the English Language.

www_pageLinguisticusAn elegant and large blogsite. As the contents on the left of its screen testifies, the site covers lots of topics for both AS and A2.


Linguistic frameworks (aka 'the technical stuff')

www_pageSentence types test Who doesn't love tests? Here's a simple set of tasks for you to check your ability to identify correctly different sentence types. The computer will mark your answers and give you a feedback! What more could you possibly ask for? The test is part of a far wider grammar site which could be worth exploring. However, it's an American site so bear in mind it will be referring to American English grammar rules including spellings.

www_pageMore grammar tests. A range of tests to help you sharpen those feature spotting skills for written mode texts.

www_page Using EnglishAnother useful glossary website.

www_page Cybergrammar A very helpful and clear website aimed at teachers but which can be easily used by students. It seeks to explain and teach key grammar concepts such as word classes and sentence types. It also has a 'test yourself' section. Great for revising the written linguistic frameworks.

www_pageJargon BusterA helpful site which gives clear, straightforward explanations for lots of the key terms from nouns onwards.