Controlled Assessment: WRITING

The links below are there to give you advice and guidance on how to write better. Some will help you with descriptive writing, some with story writing, whilst others will help you with the basics of writing. Hopefully, all of them are helpful.

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Improving spelling, punctuation, grammar etc

Spelling websites. Click on the links below:

  • Education Quizzes Only a few games are available for free, but it's a start! Scroll down the list until you get to 'Spelling 01'.
  • Spellzone There is a whole collection of games here. Choose the areas/words you need to target.
  • English Spelling Tests Straightforward tests organised into helpful categories. Bet you can't get full marks on the 'most difficult words' test...
  • Fish 'em Up Best played with the volume turned down... you'll soon hear why. A good game for revising commonly confused word endings.
  • Spelling Bee Really hard! We're blaming our lack of success on the American accent...
  • The Sounds of English Matching letters to sounds.
  • Look, Say, Cover, Write & Check Classic approach to learning spelling.
  • Silent Invaders Game to identify silent letters in words.

downloadImproving your punctuation skills. A collection of worksheets which will help you address areas for personal improvement.

www_page"Better writing" A great site from the makers of the Oxford English Dictionary:  Helps you to do exactly as the title suggests: write better. Full of great tips on how to improve your writing.

downloadTeach yourself better grammar. Click on the PowerPoint icon next to each 'lesson' title:

Powerpoint SentencesPowerpointComplex sentencesPowerpoint PunctuationPowerpoint Cohesion

www_page Improving basic technical skills (spelling, punctuation and grammar)

www_pageInteractive lessons to help improve basic technical skills ( when you go on the site, click on either 'Level 1' or 'Level 2' from the left hand menu)


Descriptive writing

downloadExample pieces (with examiners' comments)

download Top tips for writing descriptively

moviesGuided example on how to write descriptively

soundWriting to describe

www_pageWriting to describe - tips

www_page Writing to describe - more tips 

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Writing short stories

download Top tips for writing short stories

www_pageNEWA writer's 10 tips for writing stories

www_page Writing short stories

www_page Creative writing tips

www_pageHow to write a great opening

movies Amusing, tongue-in-cheek take on the 'shape of stories'. A short talk given by the writer Kurt Vonnegut.

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